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NHS Complaints Advocacy

Supporting you if you have not had the service you expected from a service provided or paid for by the NHS.

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Advocacy For People Who Lack Capacity

For people who have been assessed as lacking capacity to make certain decisions.

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Social Care Complaints Advocacy

Supporting you if you wish to make a complaint about local authority social care services for adults or children.

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Spot-purchase Advocacy

You don't always have to use the advocacy provider who is commissioned in your area.

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Mental Health Advocacy

Support for people who are under section in a hospital, secure unit or in the community.

a child with downs syndrome

Children and Young Person's Advocacy

Someone on your side.

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Self-advocacy Groups

Self-advocacy means speaking up for yourself and what you want.

Adult mentoring a young person

Independent Visitors

Supporting Young People

a happy older gentleman

Care, Support and Safeguarding (Care Act) Advocacy

Making sure people have their say in how they are cared for and supported.

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Community Peer and Citizen's Advocacy

General advocacy support in and from the community.

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Healthwatch is a local and national champion for health and social care services.

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