What people say about us

Many of the people we work with tell us what might have happened without advocacy support

“I would have been left feeling I hadn't done what I could”

“My mental and physical health would have deteriorated”

“I would have continued to feel neglected with no control over my own life and health”

And the difference advocacy made

“I have someone to make sure I have the wishes and choices I require”

“Advocacy gave me a chance to express my views”

“Because of the outcome I have some comfort in knowing other families won’t go through what my family went through”

People that refer to us have said

“It was evident the advocate had a solid grasp of the situation and was proactive in engaging with the person at every opportunity. He enabled the person to engage in the process and played an essential role in moving things forward.”

“Superb support, very client centred; client achieved their desired outcome”

"Your role is invaluable and allows us to reach difficult decisions and fully comply with the Mental Capacity Act to give the appropriate, non-judgmental and compassionate care all of us deserve regardless of mental status."