Self-advocacy groups and Learning Disability Partnership Boards

Self-advocacy means speaking up for yourself and what you want.

How can The Advocacy People help?

Self-advocacy groups:

  • Bring people together to share ideas and support

  • Organise training for their members, or speak to other groups about self-advocacy

  • Can be a powerful voice to the people in charge of services about the changes they want to make in their communities

  • Help adults with a learning disability speak up about what matters to them

  • Promote and support health and well-being and keeping safe

  • Are a way for people to have fun and make friends

The Advocacy People run groups for people with learning disabilities in:

Bracknell Forest

This group is called Be Heard and they meet every week.

West Berkshire

This group is called It’s My Life and they meet every week.

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

There are 4 groups called Hear Our Voice and each one meets monthly. This means that there is a meeting in a different area every week.

We are also setting up groups in Cornwall, please get in touch for more information.

If you do not live in one of these places, there should be someone else who runs groups like these.

Learning Disability Partnership Boards (LDPB) are made up of people with learning disabilities, parent/family carers, support staff, people who supply and buy services, people from health and community services and anyone who has an interest in supporting adults with a learning disability.


  • Bring people together to talk about important issues for people with learning disabilities, and their family, friends and carers

  • Make sure people who provide services make their services easy to use for people with learning disabilities

  • Tell services what people want, and how to make things better

  • Keep people up to date with local and national issues affecting people with learning disabilities

The Advocacy People’s LDPBs take place every other month at:

  • Broadway House, Newbury, West Berkshire

  • Different locations in Windsor and Maidenhead

Only some areas have LDPBs. If you do not live in West Berkshire or Windsor or Maidenhead then you will need to ask your Local Authority if they have a LDPB.