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Understanding what happens once you have made a complaint to LGSCO (Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman)

What can I expect from the LGSCO?

Once the LGSCO receives your complaint they will:

  • identify a contact person for you and will let you know who this is within 5 days of receiving it.

  • Your contact person is who you can ask about how the complaint is proceeding.

  • Look at each case individually

  • investigate your complaint – as each case is different this time may vary depending on how complex the complaint is, so it may take some time

  • Look at the issues that you have raised

  • Look at how the complaint was handled by the organisation at the local resolution stage

  • Where appropriate, ask you and the local authority or care provider questions

  • Then Make a decision - which may include passing it on to the Care Quality Commission (CQC), if they feel it would be more appropriate for them to deal with your complaint

  • keep you informed about how your case is getting on - this will be done by your contact person

What if I am still not happy with the response form the LGSCO?

If you’re unhappy about the decision made by the LGSCO, you can ask for a review by a LGSCO manager who has had no previous involvement in your case.

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