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Community, Peer and Citizen’s Advocacy

General advocacy support in and from the community.

How can The Advocacy People help?

Sometimes the decisions you have to make about your health and social care aren’t covered by the statutory advocacy services. Statutory advocacy is advocacy that the law says every area must have.

In some areas you might be able to get support from:

Community Advocates (sometimes called General Advocates) if you have a disability or are in a situation where you feel vulnerable and unable to speak up. It can include Community Mental Health Advocacy, Learning Disability Advocacy, Advocacy for Carers and/or Parents' (Child Protection) Advocacy.

Peer Advocates who are people who have ‘lived experience’. This means they might have the same disability or have been through a situation similar to you.

Citizen Advocates who support people for a much longer time than other advocates. It is a partnership between the advocate and the person and usually lasts for as long as both want it to.

To find out if we provide this service in your area, have a look at our map here.

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