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Our Teams

They might be based all over the south of England and be doing different things but what everyone has in common is a commitment to supporting people to get their voices heard.

Local Teams

Most local teams are made up of advocates and volunteers. They are supported by a Team Manager and Supervising Advocates who make sure we do what we say we do and deliver quality services. And, of course, they are there to support the advocates.


All our advocates working on the types of advocacy that must be provided by law have to have, or be working towards, the Independent Advocacy Qualification. This Level 4 qualification covers what advocacy is, the skills a good advocate needs and specialist units which include knowledge on the laws advocates work within. They must be observed in their work and be able to show they are working to the Advocacy Charter.


Our Healthwatch teams work a bit differently but are equally passionate about getting people’s voices heard – take a look at what they do by clicking here.

Head Office, Hastings - East Sussex

We have a team of support advocates who work in our Contact Centre (the people you speak to when you first call).  They all have, or are working towards, a Level 2 advocacy qualification.

What all this adds up to is a quality service and we are proud that the work we do is recognised by the NDTi who set the advocacy standards.


We were again awarded the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark (QPM) which runs until 2025.

For more information on quality click here.

To learn more about The Advocacy Charter, click here.

An image of a member of staff

"None of our work would be possible without the people who work and volunteer for us."

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