The Advocacy Training People

Paid for training from The Advocacy People in Bromley

The programme will take place over the next 12 months and will include feedback loops to help us evaluate and improve what we do:

  1. Self-assessment prior to training of around 15 minutes

  2. Training session (in-person or online) for up to 4 hours (including break)

  3. 3-month post-training review questionnaire.

About your organisation

Who should we contact about arranging training/send further information to?

If you have the resources (room, equipment, etc.) to facilitate training sessions (12 attendees & 2 trainers), where is that located and what is the hire cost?

Advocacy skills training for organisations

How do you think the training would benefit your team?

Is there anything in particular that you would like the training to include?

How many people in your organisation would you like to do the training?

How would you prefer training for your organisation to be delivered?

Advocacy skills training for the people you work with

We can arrange sessions for existing groups or bring together individuals into a training group.

If you have existing groups who meet regularly and you think would be interested in training, tell us who the group is, how many would attend and where and when they meet: 

How do you think the groups would prefer training to be delivered?

We would like to send information about future training we think you'd be interested in to the contact you gave us, is that okay?