Kent Wellbeing Partnership

Service Delivery Survey Introduction

We would normally convene a meeting of all of our partners to develop a service model - where we gather round tables, discuss ideas and reach agreements together in the same room. Sadly, the ongoing lockdown and need for social distancing means we have to identify an alternative method for gathering your thoughts and ideas on how we can support, improve and sustain the wellbeing of people aged over 55 living in Kent.

The following survey (alongside a phone call we will schedule with you) is your first opportunity for you to input into the shaping and design of the service model – the way we reach, engage and support people in order to have a positive impact on their wellbeing. We are keen to hear your ideas on what we should do to offer a client-centred and impactful service based on what you know works well – not just what you do currently.

Please complete the survey as soon as possible. We aim to collate all the responses into

a service model which we will share with you via a zoom meeting during the week commencing 24 May

which all partners will be invited to attend.

NB. We believe that the support needs of people over 55 years of age vary enormously, we therefore ask you to consider the following groups based on their potential contact with the service:

  1. Self-helpers (SH) – people who just need to access the correct information in order to manage/improve their own wellbeing – possibly younger (55-64), with useful digital skills and able to work on their own initiative

  2. Light touch (LT) – people who need a very small amount of support in order to manage/ improve their own wellbeing – possibly recently retired (65-74), with very basic digital skills and needing a small amount of guidance

  3. Intensive (INT) – people who need a greater degree of help in order to manage/improve their own wellbeing – possibly aged over 75 with no digital skills and needing a lot of assistance


Thanks for your input. We look forward to seeing your ideas.

The Advocacy People

You should download the document to your computer before filling it in.