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What does it be mean to be a Trustee (of The Advocacy People)?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

In her short blog, Trustee, Alison Steel, talks about what it means to be a Trustee on our Board.

I joined the Advocacy People as a Trustee just as the pandemic turned all our lives upside down. It's been great to discover how this wonderful organisation supports vulnerable people to speak up for themselves, now and in the future. The need for their services is greater than ever in these uncertain times and I have been inspired by the way The Advocacy People have risen to the challenge of maintaining a high level of service during lockdown.

Being a Trustee has enabled me to play a part in this important work and I feel valued for the contributions I make to our Board discussions and decisions, which have so far been online rather than in person. It’s a great feeling to be able to make a difference.

Finally, but importantly, they’re a great bunch of people - serious and caring about their work but also friendly and fun. I really like the fact that they are constantly seeking to improve. I’m particularly interested in enhancing opportunity for others, so I have been glad to be involved in shaping an action plan which I hope will improve diversity on the Board and throughout the organisation.


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