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Volunteers Week 2021: A time to say Thank You!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

From the 1st to 7th June is Volunteers’ week –#VoluneersWeek- an opportunity to celebrate the good work done by Volunteers across the country, in all different ways and means and for so many worthwhile causes and to say Thank You!

At The Advocacy People, we have a range of different volunteers who work across our business, from those working to support our clients with advocacy services, or working with our local Healthwatch services, through to supporting the local teams with administration and office roles.

I always ask myself “Why do people Volunteer?” The answer of course is for a variety of reasons and each person has their own reason(s) for volunteering to work with another person / organisation.

For many people, it is very much an opportunity to ‘give back’ and to support a cause they feel is worthy of their time, which of course is freely given. Here at The Advocacy People, we know we are very fortunate to have our Volunteers working across the organisation. We have a dedicated Volunteer Focus Group and Volunteer Coordinators working hard to ensure that our Volunteers feel valued and are recognised for the work they do as our colleagues in The Advocacy People team.

All too often the work of volunteers can go un-noticed and this is not right; here at The Advocacy People, we recognise that the work of our volunteers provides the organisation with a rich variety of skills, talent and support for our services, teams, colleagues and the organisation and it is very much valued and appreciated.

I realise it is only two small words – but for me it is important they get said. Therefore, to all our volunteers, I say “Thank You” for your contributions to the organisation.

Graeme Clark

HR Director

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