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The Power of Partnership in Cornwall

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

As part of this week's Advocacy Awareness Week #AAW20, we celebrate the Power of working in Partnership. Read how working in partnership with other charities in #Cornwall ensures the local community are supported to have their voices heard and express their views about the things that matter to them.

In #Cornwall, over the past four years, we have valued working in partnership with ERYA, which has given us an opportunity to share expertise and knowledge to better support our local community. We’re delighted that our new contract in Cornwall brings on board four additional partners – Hearing Loss Cornwall, TAAS (The Appropriate Adult Service), Women’s Centre Cornwall and Harbour Housing. They all bring something unique and special to the mix; accessibility and communication, local knowledge and experience to name but four! This means that we can reach out to more under-represented groups in our community ensuring that their voices are heard, and their rights are upheld.

Through Peer Support Groups facilitated by our partners we can empower people to advocate for themselves and others as well as family and friends learning new skills.

The challenges of working in large partnerships are completely outweighed by the exceptional service we can collectively bring to the people we support as well as the positive learning outcomes for all those involved. We all really value each other and strongly believe that working in partnership benefits the community of Cornwall.

We’re proud to share feedback from our partners:

“We have worked in partnership with The Advocacy People for over three years - we feel it is a relationship that continues to go from strength to strength. As we are a small Community Interest Company, the partnership has enabled us to develop our skills as Advocates and enhance our knowledge of the changing Health and Social Care sector. The partnership has also given us the confidence to expand by employing staff and building our network of volunteers to respond to the changing needs of people who access services and the sector itself which is identified from our practice in Cornwall. Partnership working allows us all to ensure people’s voices are heard. “

“On working in partnership with The Advocacy People, I would say that we knew of each other’s services but became more aware of the benefit of working together using our contacts and key skills to offer a targeted and personalised approach with a greater level of understanding of client group needs and challenges.”
Hearing Loss Cornwall


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