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Thank you! Two small words said with sincerity

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

We are in "Volunteers' Week 2020" and so from my role as an HR Director at The Advocacy People, I could have posted this through the 'work account' - but I thought about this and I feel that it is also important to 'share and celebrate' through the 'personal connection' and hence this is coming from my account to all and any who, like me, values the contribution that volunteers have always made and continue to do so at this most strange of times!

As a charitable organisation, The Advocacy People is focussed on ensuring people’s voices are heard; it is important that all of our staff are recognised for the valuable contribution they bring to supporting people across a range of settings in society, and this has been exemplified nationally through this pandemic where the call for volunteers has been trumpeted!

From our perspective, Volunteers with The Advocacy People are an integral part of who we are and what we stand for. Working together to support clients and promote services in a variety of roles, from playing an active role in supporting the most vulnerable in society e.g. as Relevant Persons Representatives for our elderly clients in Care Home settings through supporting our Healthwatch activities in West Berkshire and taking on Board Member roles, our volunteers bring a wealth of skills and experience which are not only invaluable with the day to day work but also provide an important strategic insight, perspective and, crucially, “voice” on how we move forward.

We continue to support and learn from each other, and are very proud that many of our client volunteers over the years have gone on to use the skills learnt whilst with us into other similar areas of work, with several successfully moving into paid roles within the organisation.

We have a great deal of respect and understanding for our volunteers. We provide them with access to training and support them in the same way we would any paid member of staff. We see them as an integral part of the team and, as a valued and valuable source and resource, they bring a richness of expertise from lived experiences which we tap into to help us ensure we are and continue to be The Advocacy People.

To all our volunteers past and present – ‘Thank you!’


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