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Thank you to our Volunteers

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

As we celebrate Volunteers’ Week 2020, Volunteer Co-Ordinator, Claire Wilson, considers the enormous contribution volunteers make to our team in #Berkshire.

With half of the world currently under restrictions, you only need to look at the statistics of people volunteering to help those in need, to know our world is full of completely selfless individuals.

The volunteers for The Advocacy People are no different. The duties of our volunteers may have changed for some, from what they would normally be doing, but they have by no means taken their foot off the gas pedal and are consistently helping with finding new and innovative ways to help the Berkshire Team from administration tasks to advocacy.

As the Volunteer Coordinator for Berkshire (and I know I can speak for the whole Berkshire team), I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every-one of our brilliant volunteer team for all of their hard work and commitment to The Advocacy People not just today, this week but always. Your generosity never fails to amaze me. Thank you!


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