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West Berkshire Learning Disability Board: Positive feedback

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Our West Berkshire Learning Disability Partnership Board were so delighted to receive this lovely compliment from Lixi Chivas from Watermill Theatre, West Berkshire, that they decided to share it with everyone as part of #LDArtWeek. Endorsements like Lixi’s mean the world to the group and really help them to stay positive during what has been a challenging year for people with a Learning Disability. Thank you, Lixi!

I attend a number of partnership boards and forums for different service user groups and the LDPB is by far and away the best. The model should be rolled out across the rest in an ideal world. The balance that the LDPB strikes is perfect, fulfilling so many functions yet still feeling welcoming and user-owned. People with a learning disability regularly attend and take leadership roles, and that is integral to the core atmosphere of the meeting. The LDPB acts as a space to share information, to air and escalate feedback, to support each other, and to advocate. Guest speakers are also welcome and provide useful information. During COVID restrictions meetings have been online and between meetings there is a regular flow of useful information by email. The team are all approachable and professional. Things get done, the lives of families are improved, and the discussions are always the most relevant. I recommend the LDPB to anyone connected to the learning disability community as a central hub for information and support.


Lixi Chivas

Community Associate

The Watermill Theatre, West Berkshire


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