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Is it Important that our Veterans’ Advocates have a Military background?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

We are proud that all of our advocates have a personal military background or experience of living with someone in the military. This gives them a deeper understanding of the difficulties that can be encountered transitioning to civilian life and is a pivotal part of The Veterans’ Advocacy People. Many Veterans and ex-Veterans feel that being supported by an advocate with a military background puts them at ease and facilitates clear communication in addition to providing a safe space to acknowledge that they need support.

Veterans’ Advocate, Charlotte Wildgoose, speaks about her military background and how that enhances her understanding of clients’ needs.

Although I don’t have direct military experience, as the partner of an ex-serviceman it gives me a different perspective to many of the issues our Veterans face. As a ‘Dependent’ (a term used for Army spouses) you see the impact of military service on the individuals and their families, the positive and the negative. I spent 10 years based overseas and for families and service personnel who have experienced those postings, you realise just how much you relied on the support of your friends and your unit. So to leave the armed forces and also head back to Britain you encounter all sorts of obstacles which are not easy to navigate. Having faced challenges such as accessing housing, finding employment, managing money, it’s given me personal experience and empathy which can go a long way to supporting others.

Veterans and ex-Veterans agree:

"The fact that the Advocates were ex-military helped a lot. We have been through similar situations. They experienced the transition [into civilian life]. It is important to hear how they went through it. It is like family, you feel close to someone, it breaks the ice. You are more willing to communicate your problems”

The Veterans’ Advocacy People supports anyone with a military background and their close family members or partners. It does not matter how long was spent in service, or how long ago. Call 0330 440 9000 or email


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