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Independent Care Act Advocacy During #COVID19

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

With much talk of the provisions of the Care Act being taken away during #coronavirus, our Independent Care Act Advocates (ICAA) are still very much working with people to make sure they have the care and support they want and need at this difficult time. Read how, Daria, an Advocate from our #Kent team, adapted her usual face to face meetings so that Lucy (not her real name) got to have a say about her future. More information about our ICAA service can be found here.

We were contacted by Adult Social Care regarding Lucy who had recently been admitted to a mental health unit because her mental health had got a lot worse. She had come from supported living and they had said she could not go back there because they couldn’t give her enough support.

Lucy didn’t have any family to talk to so wanted the support of an advocate to help her think about her options, and make sure her views were listened to. Daria, our advocate, arranged a time to speak with Lucy on the phone at a time chosen by Lucy. This was important because of how her medication was effecting her at different times of the day.

Daria phoned Lucy at the agreed time and they talked through Lucy’s situation and what she wanted to do. After half an hour they agreed to continue the conversation the next day, which they did.

After the two calls, with Lucy’s permission, Daria sent a summary of what Lucy wanted to Adult Social Care so they could start looking for somewhere Lucy could live that she would be happy with, and would give her the care she needs.

Lucy was very happy with the outcome and felt that advocacy gave her a say in her future plans.


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