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Get Arty this Learning Disability Week

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

#LDArtWeek has started and Alex describes how everyone at West Berkshire Learning Disability Partnership Board have enjoyed staying connected though art and creativity during what has been a challenging year.

“Since the beginning of COVID restrictions, the West Berkshire Learning Disability Partnership Board has been forwarding activities and creative ideas to homes, supported living environments and to people with a learning disability who live independently, so that they have ideas of arty things to do. This information has been sent out across the whole of Berkshire – by email or by post – and originated from the Berkshire Occupational Therapists.

Everyone says that they have really enjoyed it with each person having different ideas of what they can and want to do. The group has been busy drawing, painting, creating, knitting, cake baking and decorating, biscuit making, flower arranging, expression through acting, to name but a few. “In my experience, creative ideas create creative ideas”.

Alex Osterritter

West Berks LDPB Co-ordinator and LD Projects Lead Berkshire

PS. Can you spot Alex’s painting in our wonderful collage? (hint… A creature that lives in the sea 😊)


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