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Empathy by Advocacy

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Noise made by other people close by can often cause extreme distress to people with #autism. Read how Matthew’s family believe that the empathy and professionalism shown by Advocate, Stephen, made a huge difference in desperate times.

As an Independent Care Act Advocate, I supported Matthew when his family became concerned that their son was unhappy in his care placement and wanted to help find him more suitable accommodation. Matthew, who has autism, was visibly distressed by the noise made from other peers living in the care home. This had led to self-harm and a reluctance to return home from trips out.

As Matthew’s advocate, I liaised with professionals involved in Matthew’s care, highlighting the distress that shared living was causing Matthew, emphasising the importance of Matthew being allocated his own individual accommodation. Eventually Matthew was relocated to suitable accommodation with 2-1 support from carers. Matthew is reported to be much happier with his new living arrangements.

Matthew’s parents were delighted with this outcome and wrote to The Advocacy People to tell us how happy they were with the advocacy support they received from Stephen:

I just felt compelled to email you regarding the wonderful support and work from Advocate, Stephen.
We were very lucky to have Stephen on our team in getting our beautiful boy Matthew, moved from a care home that was not suitable for him. Matthew was worried and anxious about sharing with unpredictable adults and was self harming, extremely anxious and depressed.
Stephen was supportive to both Matthew and our family and totally understood the stress related circumstances that this brought to us. He has empathy and pulled us through one of the most difficult and depressing times of our lives. We felt that Stephen went above and beyond in his job role to support us whilst being extremely professional.


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