Disability Related Benefits Support

c-App, ESA-assessment & PIP-assessment websites

example screen capture of the c-app website

Originally an in-person service which transitioned into something much larger and further reaching, we've proudly run Disability Related Benefits Support for many years in one form or another.

The digital service, c-App won the Charity Times Award in 2017 for the Best Use of Technology.

Despite every effort to keep this valuable service going we have to come to the very difficult decision to take down the c-App services.

Rapid changes in benefits legislation and delivery meant that our original piece of work was quickly becoming out of date. Updating the information proved impossible with the technical framework that the site was built upon, without a complete overhaul, which we simply do not have the funding for.

The worst thing for us as the providers of this service, would be for us to allow the service to languish and provide incorrect information to you, the service user.


It has been a privilege to support so many people with this innovative, digital service and we would like to thank everyone involved in making it happen.

If you are a service provider and would like to speak to us about partnering, collaborating or funding an updated platform, please get in touch here.