Independent Care Act Advocacy

Making sure people have their say in how they are cared for and supported

How can The Advocacy People help?

When decisions are being made about what kind of care and support we need, it is really important that we are put at the centre, as the expert in our own lives. Some of us will feel confident to speak up for ourselves and often a family member or friend can help us make this happen.


But sometimes this isn’t possible – it might be difficult for us to be fully involved (called ‘substantial difficulty’) if we have no-one around us who can support us.

If this is the case, the local authority must then think about instructing an Independent Care Act Advocate when they are preparing:

  • An adult needs assessment to see what care and support an adult might need

  • A carer’s assessment to see if someone who provides care for someone else needs support

  • A child’s needs assessment to see what support a child might need as they become an adult

  • A care and support plan for an adult, or checking it’s still right

  • A safeguarding enquiry or a safeguarding adults review when they think someone is being abused or neglected

We have a factsheet which tells you more about what we do.

Click here to see the factsheet.

To find out if we provide this service in your area, have a look at our map here.

If we don’t provide the service, there will be someone else who does.

An ICAA supports the person to understand and be fully involved in the process. They will:

  • find out the person’s wishes, views and feelings

  • support the person to communicate their views

  • support the person to take decisions and, if appropriate, challenge those made by the local authority

Who can refer?

This depends on where you live.  In some areas we can only accept referrals from a social care professional.

"For those who have substantial difficulty being involved"

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